Six Word Story Competition

Over here at The Other Publishing Company we love a good short story. So much so that we’ve released a continuing series of them, from both new and established authors, called LitBits (you can find them here – Each short story is available individually on Kindle.

To celebrate shorter forms of fiction, we’re running a six word story competition. Hemingway famously penned this six word story:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” 

We want to know if you can do better. We’ll be giving the 10 best entries a free LitBits story of their choice.

Competition Guidelines:

– You must have a Kindle to enter (that’s how we’ll send you the story).

– No more than three entries per person, please.

– It’s completely free to enter. Simply post stories on our Facebook page (, @ us on Twitter (@otherpublishing), or comment on this post.

– Stories sent to us on Twitter will be Retweeted (unless they are rude or not in the spirit of the competition. We reserve the right to Retweet what we see fit).

– Winners will be announced on Friday 20th September.

Best of luck!


2 thoughts on “Six Word Story Competition

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