Why Every Writer Needs to Proof Read and Edit Their Work

OR  Why efdery writer needs to proff read and edut their work.

The importance of editing your book befoe submitting it to a publisher canot be over emaphaised. If you do not edit it carlefully and roroof read it it will be hard for anyone to read – much less the commisoningedito of the publishing house you are tryng to pesaude to puchase your golden words and sparkling jewel of a story.

So bottom line is it is mportant to read and reread your books , submission, bio and anyhtug else you may send to a publisher or else he may not even bother to read any of it beyond the first age.

Simpe, innit?

And. dont forget. punctuatiok can make a story if you leave it out or get it wrong it can be very confusing I have often read stuff that lokks, like it was wirttgen by jamesjoyce on speed oly he knew what he was doing most wirters really don’t

The old adage applies break any rule you like in grama or punctuation but make sure you know what the ruels are before youy break the,.

Het end


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