Six Word Story Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our Six Word Story Competition. We had some great entries – funny, clever, thoughtful, weird…

We were originally going to pick ten winners, but after some deliberation and polite disagreement in the office, we’ve decided to award prizes to eleven winners. Here they are, in no particular order:

@BlackHarlequill – Fell through cloud. Damper than expected.

@VictorGrunn – It turns out penguins are flammable

@NorthCat75 – I didn’t know he couldn’t swim

@balston82 – Hours, they danced. She leaves alone

@MrsSheaWong – Zombie meets girl; zombie eats girl.

@GuyLeJeune – Here, I started and finished here.

@Mylittleworldy – FOUND: Girl. Distinctive curl on forehead

@PaulMClem – The drums. The screams. They’re here.

@Storytellerium – One bullet left. Him or me?

@btrainer82 – Flying alone, caution: break if necessary

@SteveMielczarek – Birds of prey peck your flesh


Winners are entitled to one of our Lit Bits short stories available on Kindle – Keep an eye out for more competitions we’ll be running soon.


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