The Lit Bits Weekend Challenge #2 Winners

This weekend we challenged writers to produce a 1000-word story with the title, ‘The Lie’. Again, we were delighted with the huge response and would like to thank everyone who entered.

Our judges were busy reading the stories over Christmas and have now come to a decision. Our three winners are:

Saxon Pepperdine

Michael Signorile

Alexis Larkin

Congratulations to all our winners. If you followed the first competition you’ll notice that Saxon Pepperdine wins for a second weekend in a row.  So, very well-done to Saxon. Will someone be able to topple him from his winners podium this weekend?

We also have four honourable mentions this week, who very narrowly missed out:

Amanda Mason

Mitch Sebourn

Joel Blumenau

John Ward

This weekend the title is, ‘The Storm’.  Click here to sign up.


One thought on “The Lit Bits Weekend Challenge #2 Winners

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