Lit Bits Weekend Challenge #3 Winners

Last weekend we challenged writers to produce a 1000-word story with the title, ‘The Storm’. Thanks to everyone who entered.

After much deliberation, and some disagreements, our judges have chosen three winners:

John Ward

J D Hill

Susan Angoy

Congratulations to all our winners. Narrowly missing out this week were two honourable mentions:

Michael Kelso

Morgen Bailey

This weekend is the final challenge, so we’re going for a wildcard title, which means you can write about anything you want, with any title you wish. Just keep in mind that the stories we like to publish are always well-written and entertaining. We recommend you read one or two of our stories to see what we like to publish and our audience like to read. Click here to sign up for the challenge if you haven’t already.

8 thoughts on “Lit Bits Weekend Challenge #3 Winners

  1. How confusing it is to have two identities, but I do believe that Lara and Susan are usually the same person – just write different writing. This time it was Susan who won. Thank you so much. I still can’t believe it! I better create a Susan blog page for my less racy writing and other things literary. What a lovely surprise to start 2014

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