Introducing…Cracked Eye

2013 was a great year for Lit Bits. We launched the imprint and have quickly established ourselves as a force within the wonderful world of short stories. We’ve been featured on countless websites, run the hugely successful Lit Bits Weekend Challenge and continue to commission stories from bestselling established authors and exciting emerging talent.

Our stories are read by keen readers around the world but we want more, and in 2014 we’re setting the bar higher.

This year we’re on a mission to become the leaders in short-form fiction. We’ve successfully secured more funding from angel investors to push on and create something exceptional. To do this we’re investing in commissioning more short stories, producing audio and visual versions of those short stories, novel serialisations, a new website, and finding inventive ways for people to access our content.

Because of our focus on short fiction, in whatever form that may take, we felt the name Lit Bits restricted us. We have grand plans for the imprint and we needed something fresher, something that could come to stand for inventive ways of storytelling. Lit Bits has gone through a stage of metamorphosis, and has been reborn into something bigger, bolder, and more beautiful. From now on we’ll be known as Cracked Eye – nothing will ever look the same again.



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