World’s First Crowdsourced Twitter Story



At 19:00 GMT today, we’ll undertake a live cultural experiment using submitted tweets to construct an original short story. 

Launching The Short Story Hour,  we’re encouraging Twitter users to participate in the experiment using the hashtag #ShortStoryHour. Between 7pm and 8pm Thursday 25th September, we’ll be curating the tweets and building a coherent story in real time. Followers will be able to read the story as it unfolds on our Twitter page @theCrackedEye and via a live Storify feed.

We will launch #ShortStoryHour with the opening line: “Sandra could hear people behind the door, but no one answered #ShortStoryHour”. You’ll then be given free reign to drive the direction by submitting the next line of the story. We will construct the story by curating the chosen entries live in Storify. The final story will then be published in full after the hour.

Twitter has given us the power to be instant broadcasters. With the simple push of a button our words can be read by thousands of people around the world at once. We want to harness that collective creativity and produce a fun and exciting short story.

Many of us have fancied ourselves as authors at some point in our lives. We’re helping realise that dream, without the pressure of having to write an entire novel yourself.

We’re extremely excited about this project and have no idea what type of story we will end up with, but that’s part of the thrill.

To take part – simply follow @theCrackedEye and look out for the opening tweet using #ShortStoryHour at 7pm on Thursday 25th September.


Storms, Lies & Wildcards

The compendium of winning short stories from our writing competition, The Cracked Eye Weekend Challenge, is out on the 5th of June!

Storms, Lies & Wildcards…


Lit Bits Weekend Challenge


As part of our mission to bring the best short stories from new and established authors to keen readers around the world, we’d like to set you, the writer, a challenge. Ladies and gentlemen; 4 Weekends, 1000 words – introducing, The Lit Bits Weekend Challenge…

Over the course of four consecutive weekends, starting on the 13th of December 2013, we want you to write us an entertaining  short story of 1000 words (give or take 100). Each Friday morning, at the crack of dawn, we’ll give you a story title to work with and you’ll have until Monday morning to send it in to us ( We’ll announce the title via email. You can read more about the competition and sign-up here –

But what do I get out of it, we hear you ask? Each week we’ll choose three winners who’ll receive £80 or $80 (depending on where you live), that’s 8p or 8c a word! That means by the end we’ll have twelve winning stories and prize money of nearly a grand up for grabs. We’ll then publish all the winning stories in special Lit Bits compilations. You can enter as many stories each weekend as you like, and from anywhere in the world, but they must be in English.

What’s more, entry is entirely free! What’s the catch? There is none. We want to give everyone an opportunity to write and have a chance of making money from their writing and get published, whether you’re a household name or new to writing. We will read every entry and judge them fairly.

Our judges for this competition will be Robert Rigby and Michael Cameron-Lewis. Robert Rigby is the co-author, with Andy McNab of the best-selling Boy Soldier series of novels. His other fiction includes the novelizations of the Goal! movies and a stand-alone novel in the series – Goal: Glory Days. He is the author of the four official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic novels for children. Robert also writes for the theatre, television and radio drama and is a prolific songwriter and composer, working in recording, television and radio. Robert has also had three short stories published on Lit Bits; When Harry Met Dali, The Silences, and Each Little Bird. Michael Cameron-Lewis is our commissioning editor; and a best-selling author, television writer, and theatrical director, in his own right.

For full terms and conditions, please see below. We strongly advise you to read some of the current Lit Bits stories available on Amazon to get an idea of the kind of stories we publish.  Remember we are looking for stories in any genre but they must be entertaining and engaging from the very first sentence.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for prize money and publication, all winning authors will be required to sign our standard Lit Bits contract.  The principle points of this contract:

–          Grant the publisher the exclusive right to publish, promote and sell the story as an electronic ebook or as part of an electronic ebook compilation.

–          Grant the publisher first right of refusal to negotiate with the writer any other form of publication, including print publication.

–          Asserts that the author is the sole creator and owner of the work.