Lit Bits Weekend Challenge #4 Winners

….And so, for now, it’s come to an end. We’ve run four consecutive short story weekend challenges and have been delighted with the response. We certainly will be running more competitions in the future so don’t go too far.

Our judges receive all entries anonymously from our submissions team, this ensures that winning stories are picked purely on merit, and fulfils our commitment to publishing new and best-selling authors, regardless of who they are. Also, this leads to quite heated debate among the judges. This week they were impressed with the quality and torn between four winners. As it’s the last week and to say a big thank you, we’ve decided to announce FOUR winners this week (all receiving prize money and publication). And here they are (in no particular order):

– James Brinsford

– Morgen Bailey

– Joel Blumenau

– Alexis Larkin

A very honourable mention to Richard Barr, who just missed out.

Thanks again, and we’ll be in touch with the next competition in the not-too-distant future.




Six Word Story Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our Six Word Story Competition. We had some great entries – funny, clever, thoughtful, weird…

We were originally going to pick ten winners, but after some deliberation and polite disagreement in the office, we’ve decided to award prizes to eleven winners. Here they are, in no particular order:

@BlackHarlequill – Fell through cloud. Damper than expected.

@VictorGrunn – It turns out penguins are flammable

@NorthCat75 – I didn’t know he couldn’t swim

@balston82 – Hours, they danced. She leaves alone

@MrsSheaWong – Zombie meets girl; zombie eats girl.

@GuyLeJeune – Here, I started and finished here.

@Mylittleworldy – FOUND: Girl. Distinctive curl on forehead

@PaulMClem – The drums. The screams. They’re here.

@Storytellerium – One bullet left. Him or me?

@btrainer82 – Flying alone, caution: break if necessary

@SteveMielczarek – Birds of prey peck your flesh


Winners are entitled to one of our Lit Bits short stories available on Kindle – Keep an eye out for more competitions we’ll be running soon.